A-TACS FG admiral fleet air force airborne Airborne airborne troops airsoft airsoft flag AKS-74U alienation zone American anarchy anchor anti-terrorist unit army aviation back patch beard beryozka biker biohazard black metal Blood Type BLU camo caution CCCP celtic celtic knot celtic ornament Chernobyl Chernobyl Zone chest patch coat of arms Cobra coyote death metal desert Dolg dubok VSR-93 Duty eagle Emoji Evil field shoulder boards fighting unit flag flora for one parade Freedom French Gagarin Gas mask gas mask Germany groove metal hammer and sickle hard rock head heavy metal helmet Hungary hunter India Intelligence Interkosmos interkosmos Internal troops internal troops ISS keep calm KFOR KGB khaki knot Kosovo lone wolf loners major-general Mandalorian Mando marines Marshal Soviet Union MIG Mig-29 military Mjolnir motorcycle multicam music MVD National flag naval fleet naval infantry navy navy officer peaked cap navy sailor cap Neutrals norse mythology Novorossiya nu metal officer peaked cap olive ornament overcoat parade shoulder boards paratrooper patch set Peacekeeping peaked cap plane punk-rock radiation RED red star Rh rifle rocker Romania ROSCOSMOS rune Russia Russian Russian airborne troops Russian Armed Forces russian army russian aviation russian camo russian coat of arms Russian Federation Russian flag Russian fleet Russian police Russian space s.t.a.l.k.e.r. sailor cap Scandinavian cross Sepultura shamrock shoulder boards sign skull skull with bones Smiley sniper Soviet soviet Soviet army soviet aviation Soviet emblem Soviet flag Soviet space Soyuz Soyuz-28 Soyuz-3 Soyuz-Apollo space space flag space program Space Shuttle special forces special squad spetsnaz SSSR Stalker Star Wars Station Mir strip stripe SVD svd tank troops Team Fortress 2 Thor's hammer thrash metal tiger top rocker tricolor Ukraine ukrainian camo UN USA USA space USSR USSR flag VDV Viking vmf VMF Volya Vostok VSR 98 flora VSR-93 dubok warrior weapon wolf Wolf's paw Yak-52 Yakovlev Zombie hunter

/////////////////////////////     RUSSIAN PATCHES     ///////////////////////////// offers a great variety of embroidered Soviet and Russian army, Ukraine airforce, navy, special forces (spetsnaz), marines, airborne (VDV), MVD, FSB, GRU and other military uniform patches. Space program patches like Interkosmos, Shuttle, Soyuz-Apollo, Vostok, Voskhod. Collectipble sleeve patches. Also custom patches orders are possible. Please contact for any questions or special requests. We have a great variaety of military uniform visor hats. Marshal, General, admiral, officers and soldier uniform peaked hats WW2 and modern for different occasions: costume party, fancy dress, historical reconstruction etc. Visorless sailor hats. We also sell military camo uniforms, hats, bandanas, baseball caps, country flag patches. Shoulder boards for different military ranks,  vintage Soviet uniforms, badges and other equipment.
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