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Biohazard caution embroidered patch 2
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100x70mm (3.9x2.7inch)
Haida bird ethnic ornament embroidered patch 4
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170x120mm (7x4.7inch)
Haida bird ethnic ornament embroidered patch 3
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136x182mm (5.35x7.16inch)
Transformers Decepticons embroidered patch
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95x95mm (3.7x3.7inch)
Iron man Tony Stark embroidery patch
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100x80mm (3.93x3.14inch)

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Custom audio cassette patch embroidered
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105x70mm (4.1x2.7inch)
Name tape custom embroidered patches khaki
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125x30mm (4,9x1,2inch)
Mountain adventure embroidered patch
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/////////////////////////////     RUSSIAN PATCHES     ///////////////////////////// offers a great variety of embroidered Soviet and Russian army, Ukraine airforce, navy, special forces (spetsnaz), marines, airborne (VDV), MVD, FSB, GRU and other military uniform patches. Space program patches like Interkosmos, Shuttle, Soyuz-Apollo, Vostok, Voskhod. Collectipble sleeve patches. Also custom patches orders are possible. Please contact for any questions or special requests. We have a great variaety of military uniform visor hats. Marshal, General, admiral, officers and soldier uniform peaked hats WW2 and modern for different occasions: costume party, fancy dress, historical reconstruction etc. Visorless sailor hats. We also sell military camo uniforms, hats, bandanas, baseball caps, country flag patches. Shoulder boards for different military ranks,  vintage Soviet uniforms, badges and other equipment.
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